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HELLO, I am Dr. Michael Curry

I am committed to creating lasting change in my community by bringing STEM innovations to the domestic and international marketplace in hopes of permanently solving critical world problems.

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As a reputable scientific researcher and educator focused on reviving a more sustainable future, Dr. Michael Curry, President, founder and CEO of Eco-friendly Plastic Materials, dedicates his lifework to creating the next wave of minority innovators. His goal is to increase the number of highly trained minority professionals within the STEM and entrepreneurship pipelines. After recognizing the magnitude of inventiveness found at HBCUs that have been overlooked, Dr. Curry set out to strategically move the needle forward on minority-inspired innovation and powerfully influence the movement of STEM diversity.

Materials Science, Chemistry and Engineering


Environmental Sustainable and Innovation


Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

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My Vision and Professional Motivations

These are the mottos that guide and motivate
me each day in my professional career.

STEM R&D Drives Global Economies

I stand ready to use my research skills to advance STEM innovations is emerging industries.

Entrepreneurship Beyond the Lab

It's time for researchers to commercialize their R&D into products & service into the American marketplace.

HBCU Innovation in the 21st Century

I am here to spearhead STEM innovation and entrepreneurship on HBCUs campuses across the country.

Building Wealth For The Underrepresented

Through innovation, minority innovators have the potential to create sustainables wealth.

Millennial Innovators Are the Future

I am eager to unleash the untapped talent of young minds who excel in STEM R&D and entrepreneurship.

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

Strategic partnerships are key to successful executive so let’s build an ecosystem of innovators and educators.


My Innovation Gallery

The classroom and lab creates an environment
for innovation.

Lab Innovation

Student Enrichment

R&D Matters

STEM Engagement

Classroom Mentorship

Student Excellence


Innovation Speaks: Video Showcase

The time is now to build innovation pipelines to
strengthen the American economy.

Dr. Curry is a national leader in STEM innovation and is a very talented professor.

Dean Isaac McCoy

Tuscaloosa, AL

It is a delight to with such a leader who is dedicated to increase the pipeline of minorities in STEM and innovation.

Demetria Gallagher

Chicago, IL

Dr. Curry understands intellectual property and commercialization in emerging STEM fields.

Janeya Griffin

Oakland, CA

Dr. Curry In the News

Collaboration is key when building a dynamic pipeline of
STEM innovators and disruptive entrepreneurs.


Let's Talk.

I am eager to build partnerships to spur innovation
in communities of color. Contact me today!
Email: epm.staff@ecofriendlyplasticmaterials.com
to discuss speaker requests

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